Thank you to all contributors for choosing Accord Project’s open source projects!

While there are still quite a few pull requests in the works, Hacktoberfest has come to an end. Our first year turned out to be a grand success.

Thank you to all contributors for choosing to work on Accord Project’s open source projects!

Building Community

We are always humbled by the enthusiasm of the open source community around the world, from Canada to Russia, South Africa to South Korea, France to India, Switzerland to Malaysia, and many more places our contributors call home.

This year’s results have been incredible. We had over 210 successfully merged pull requests from over 80 contributors in the community. Over 15% of these contributions were of higher difficulty levels, and over 40 contributors qualified for our Accord Project + Hacktoberfest T-Shirts.

Delivering Value

Substantial progress was made in many Accord Project code repositories. Performance increases, bug fixes, accessibility compliance, internal testing, features, and documentation have all been greatly enhanced.

Highlighted Hackers

Stay Involved

Thank you kindly again to everyone who contributed! Don’t forget that contributions to the Accord Project are welcome during every month of the year, not just “Hacktober”! Keep the momentum and contribute to the Accord Project and join us on Slack!