The first quarter of the 2020’s is not even over yet and we already have many new features and developments to announce for Accord Project.

From Chaincode to Smart Legal Contracts on HyperLedger Fabric!

The Accord Project is proud to be a presenter at the upcoming Hyperledger Global Forum.

If you are at the Hyperledger Global Forum this week, please join Accord Project’s Dan Selman for an exciting presentation and demo taking place on March 4th, from 11:50am – 12:30pm. Dan will show how you can move from chaincode to real Smart Legal Contracts, where code and legal text is linked via the powerful Open Source Accord Project stack.

The description and the location information for Dan’s Session can be found here.

New Concerto Form Generator

Create online forms for your Accord Project data with the new Concerto Form Generator. The new editor automatically creates React web forms based on your Concerto data models.

The new editor can easily be configured, so you can choose the form components you need (choose between drop-down or radio boxes, use a different date picker, etc).

Google Summer of Code

Accord Project is proud to be one of the Open Source organizations approved to be part of Google Summer of Code 2020!

If you are a student, interested in contributing to an open source project in the legal-tech field, and want to get involved, please consult the Accord Project organization page and join us on the Accord Project Slack in the #gsoc channel.

New Features and Improvements to Cicero UI

Since its very first release last year, Cicero UI (the User Interface Components for Accord Project Cicero templating system) has come a long way. Since the beginning of the year, we have released a slew of new features and bug fixes. Some of the main recent improvements:

  • Support for cutting and pasting clause templates in the contract editor
  • Support for images in the contract editor
  • Better support for quotes, code blocks and HTML inlines
  • Greater compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 A11Y)
  • Improved search functionality in the template library component
  • Last but not least, better support for new Cicero 0.20 features, notably conditional variables:
conditional text in the Accord Project markdown editor

For more details, please consult the release notes at