The Accord Project is pleased to announce our inaugural “Accord Project Summer of Code – 2022”.  


The Accord Project Summer of Code (APSoC) is an online program focused on bringing new, excited contributors into the Accord Project open source community, with the hope that they will continue to contribute to the Accord Project open source community long after their APSoC program ends.

Accord Project Summer of Code Contributors will work with Accord Project Mentors to deliver a 12+ week programming project, and will receive a paid stipend accordingly.

This is a great opportunity for current computer science students and recent graduates to learn more about the world of smart legal contracts and how they are set to revolutionise the way we engage in legal agreements in the future!

The Accord Project is a vibrant community of legal and technology experts who are passionate about promoting this technology and how it can drastically improve the legal industry.

Do feel free to join our Weekly Technology Working Group video calls, held every Wednesday at 9 am US Eastern Time.

Join our Discord server  to chat with Accord Project Members directly.

Applications are open until June 1st. >>> CLICK HERE TO APPLY <<<

To learn more about the Accord Project Summer of Code, please visit the APSoC Wiki

The Accord Project Summer of Code is proudly and generously sponsored by DocuSign and beNEXT.