What is Google Summer of Code (GSoC)?

Google Summer of Code is a global program hosted by Google with the goal of introducing students around the world to open source software development. Over a three month period during the summer, students work on a programming project with an open source organization. Paired with a mentor from the organization, the students gain exposure to real-world software development.

This is second consecutive year that the Accord Project has participated in GSoC, and we are excited to introduce our 2021 students!

Thank you to everyone that submitted a proposal this year, we’re sorry that we couldn’t accept more of you!

The students will be reporting on their progress regularly through the Technology Working Group calls. Please join us to follow their progress.

2021 Students


Eason is a Program of Learning Science student at National Taiwan Normal University.

Project: Automatic Identification And Classification of Contract Data Types with NLP Models

Mentors: Niall Roche

Description: Mapping between the natural language text of a contract and attempting to classify data types such as monetary amounts, dates and legal specific terms such as agreement parties etc. into cicero variables from the existing model library


Kushal is a Mathematics and Computing student from the Indian Institute of Technology – BHU (Varanasi), India

: Import and Export from MS Word

Mentors: Dan Selman, Aman Sharma

Description: Export an Accord Project extended markdown document to MS Word .docx format, ensuring that extensions (such as clauses) are preserved upon re-import. This will allow more flexibility and portability with round trip transformation of docx files to markdown and back which contain smart clause templates


Sanket Shevkar is a Computer Science and Engineering student from Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune.

: Signing Template and Signing Contracts

Mentors: Martin Halford, Tom Brooke

Description: While executing legal contracts generating trust within the participating organisations becomes extremely crucial. Digital signatures can help in generating this trust. Even in paper-based agreements, contracts signing plays a crucial role. After this project is implemented, the following features can be expected:

● The template developer/author can sign the template. This signature would help organisations to verify who has developed the template.

● The contracts that are derived from these templates can be signed by the parties involved in the agreement.

● Verification of these signatures.

● A web application to be developed using node-forge and react that would work as a Certification Authority wherein the template developers and parties/organisations using The Accord Project can create PKCS#12 keystores for them that can be used for signing. I would like to propose it as a development module/platform as these certificates would be generated by developers mostly while they are developing the templates/contracts and can be used while testing.