Accord Project is proudly participating in this years Hacktoberfest!

What is Hacktoberfest?

DigitalOcean and DEV have partnered up for a month-long celebration of open-source software (OSS). This event takes place for the entire month of October, and you can sign up at any time during the month. This event facilitates the ability to be a part of a growing movement to encourage and contribute to open-source software.

This is the sixth year the event has taken place, so happy six years of Hacktoberfest to DigitalOcean! We are excited to be participating for our first year in the event.

Key Takeaways

  • Contribute code or documentation to Accord Project repositories
  • Look for issues labeled with the tag ‘Hacktoberfest‘ and the difficulty level you’re keen to undertake
  • Two accepted pull requests from Accord Project will qualify you for Accord Project Contributor stickers
  • Multiple options for accepted pull requests to qualify you for an Accord Project T-Shirt
  • See the official Hacktoberfest page for details on their leaderboard and swag qualification
  • No issue is too small (bug fixes, documentation, etc.)
Why Get Involved?

This is an excellent opportunity to contribute and give back to the amazing projects you and others use on a daily basis. Even more, a chance to build stronger products and have your voice heard! There is great enthusiasm in the OSS field, and we want people to take advantage of this!

Active and engage contributors makeup the backbone of every open source community. So whether you are writing code, filing bugs, updating documentation, or sharing ideas, community members help build stronger products and improve the overall understanding for everyone.

How To Get Involved

Sign up to the event on the DigitalOcean Hacktoberfest site. You can then head to GitHub and peruse through open-source projects with the ‘Hacktoberfest’ label. Perhaps check out OSS projects you use every day, they might be participating!

If you have never contributed to OSS before, there is a great free guide by Kent C. Dodds on which can get you up to speed before you start adding real value to projects that people depend on every day.

Accord Project Repositories

Core Markdown User Interface Utilities Documentation
Editor Cicero UI Template Library Tech Docs
Cicero Transform Template Studio VSCode Extension


Accord Project will be adding an additional layer of rewards to that which you receive for participating through the main event. If you are contributing to Accord Project, we want you to have pride and recognition on supporting a great open-source project. We will be adding a ‘Contributors‘ section in all of our documentation, which you will be listed on, as well as being mentioned in a dedicated blog post in November.

We will be offering swag in the form of t-shirts and stickers, which you can qualify for by making valid contributions as pull requests (PRs) into one of our participating repositories – and they don’t necessarily need to be merged in October.

In order to receive any rewards, you will need to respond us when we reach out for shipping details.

Accord Project Hacktoberfest T Shirt

After 1 valid ‘Difficulty: Challenging‘ PR
After 2 valid ‘Difficulty: Medium‘ PRs
After 5 valid ‘Difficulty: Starter‘ PRs



Accord Project Hacktoberfest Sticker

After 2 valid PRs (any difficulty level)

Note: Swag will be sent out after October, and could take a few weeks to arrive.

Share Your Journey

We are excited to see how your Hacktoberfest is going, so use the #Hacktoberfest and #AccordProjectOSS hashtags when working with Accord Project.


Join us over in our Slack or tweet @AccordHQ if you have any questions or feedback.