There are many resources on the why and how to contribute to open source projects. This article will aim to be a reference guide to those who are specifically interested in Accord Project and want to know how to get involved.


Start to gain a very high level understanding of what Accord Project is about. It is worth also reviewing the Technical Charter as a project under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation.

Once this high level has been covered, start to go a level deeper and read through our main documentation, as well as review our technology overview video and associated slides. Note, this video and slides may be more out of date depending on when you watch this, so rely on our main documentation first. Another helpful diagram can be helpful to understand the relation of different repositories to each other.

After learning this information, a rough understanding should be established to have a foundation to start experiencing the technology.


With a decent foundation, we recommend going through our guide to getting started. This experience of our technology will be very useful when moving on to more peripherary technologies, such as our web-components.

After getting a feel for the technology and how to work with it, it may make sense to start sharing thoughts or asking questions in our Discord.

After experiencing this technology, a decent familiarity should be established to have a more solid foundation to start contributing to the technology.


Once the code and functionality is more familiar, get acquainted with our materials regarding contributing, as well as specific information for developers. Note, there may be specific and additional information in these regards in particular repositories.

It could also be useful to review our contribution guide video. Note, this video may be more out of date depending on when you watch this, so rely on our main contributing documentation first.

Thank you very kindly for your interest, and we are excited for you to become a part of our community!