Discover the benefits of Accord Project Powered Smart Agreements


Built for Commercial Agreements

The open source technology projects are specifically designed to enable users to templatize the natural language of any type of contract and integrate with smart contract logic developed for expressing and modeling legal concepts, clauses, and obligations.


Open Source

All software and documentation are open source enabling anyone to use, and extend the core functionality within, and for, their application or project. Accord Project software is maintained and governed through the Linux Foundation.


Common Format

The technology stack provides a common ‘.doc’ format for smart agreement templates meaning that contracting parties and users can develop contracts using the same core structure and specification, reducing focus on the technology and promoting ease of use.


Technology Agnostic

Using a common format enables contracts to be useable across technologies without the overhead of changing the agreement. Accord Project templates can be used without reliance upon a particular technology such as a certain blockchain protocol, making templates futureproof and portable.


Extensible Models and Templates

The stack is built to be extensible to enable the use and reuse of domain models and templates for both full smart contracts and individual clauses. This helps to create a mature, progressive, foundation upon which to build smart agreements.


Community Driven

Building the future of contracting should be collaborate. The Accord Project is supported by organizations leading the development of smart documentation including DocuSign, xDTM Standard Association, IACCM, IBM and more.

How is the Accord Project Governed?

The Accord Project is governed through the Linux Foundation — the leading organization for the management of open source software projects. The codebase is maintained by a Technical Steering Committee and open source contributors.

Advisory Board

The Accord Project Advisory Board includes leading stakeholders in the technology and legal industries to help develop the advance the goals of the projects. Further details about the advisory board and how to contribute to their work are coming soon.

Governance documentation

All software is Apache 2.0 licensed and documentation is available under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Documentation for participants and contributors is available here.   

Hosted by the Linux Foundation

Hosted by the Linux Foundation

The Accord Project is part of The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source.

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